So Many Mistakes

After about two weeks into my DOT project I’ve “messed up” on about two different occasions. Here are all of these occasions;

I mean how could someone resist this?

My Spanish support teacher, Mr. Ames, took my class of about eight people to McDonald's because it was the end of the advisory and he’s awesome. When we get there he says our orders can be $5 or less. Fantastic! My favorite food from McDonald’s, McNuggets, are sold at 20 for $5.20. This is where I messed up. Let’s see if you can guess how many steps in the ordering and eating process I got through before I realized my mistake.

  1. I ordered the McNuggets.
  2. Lady repeats order to me, prompting me to think about the contents of my order. (This should’ve made me realize that McNuggets are made of chicken.)
  3. After 5 minutes my order is done and I pick up the food.
  4. I smell the chicken in the bag.
  5. I sit down and open up the box of McNuggets.
  6. I open up the sweet mustard sauce.
  7. I dip a McNugget into the sauce
  8. I eat said McNugget
  9. I repeat the last two steps for 5 more McNuggets.
  10. Nadeem, my friend, asks me “Wait Vincent, aren’t you going vegetarian?!”

My reaction;

Actually it was more like this:

I realized my mess up. I couldn’t believe it. I was honestly incredibly devastated and couldn’t believe after all that time I had eaten McNuggets when I was supposed to be going vegetarian. I mean animal agriculture makes up for 51% of greenhouse gas emissions. Chickens are treated so heinously it sickens me. says, “ In the United States, approximately 9 billion chickens are killed for their flesh each year and 305 million hens are used for their eggs” and “ every year, 200 million of these young birds are ground up alive or tossed into bags to suffocate.” And here is a video on factory farming. But after I ate the rest of the McNuggets I knew I really messed up and needed to be more cognizant about my DOT project. But hey let’s look on the bright side: I recycled the plastic from my McNugget sauce and if you wanna learn more about the dangers of plastic use go over to my good friend Kaia’s page

The second time I messed up was at a Sunday musical rehearsal. After about 5 or so hours of practicing scenes the adults fed us pizza.

The pizza smelled so amazing and it was incredibly aromatic. It felt as though the pizza was calling out to me even. I’m eating my pizza folded and I walk up to some theater geeks and say, “Yo dudes who else eats their pizza like this?” and either Elena or Roberto who said that that was incredibly weird. But as they said that a piece of oil dripped from my pizza and I looked at my folded slice of pizza and realized that it had pepperoni. Like mad pepperoni. I had never seen so much pepperoni on a slice of pizza in my life. I immediately regretted forgetting about my DOT project because I then felt so guilty. says, “ According to a 2006 industry report, more than 1 million pigs die each year from the horrors of transport alone. Another industry report notes that, in some transport loads, as many as 10 percent of pigs are “downers,” animals who are so ill or injured that they are unable to stand and walk on their own.” And here is a fun lil video. After knowing all this how could anyone possibly continue eating their pizza. How inhumane can a human really be? To know that a pig was slaughtered just so the flavor of a pizza would taste kinda different from cheese pizza. Humans have so much audacity. When I finished the rest of my pizza I decided to make up for it by composting my tangerine skin like my friend Roberto.