Sooo vegan?

OH HI! A few weeks ago I became vegan and so far becoming vegan hasn’t been the best but not the worst. I have tried some new things and some foods that I am already used to eating are already considered vegan too. For example, my mom usually cooks rice and chicken but instead of the chicken I ate beans — rice and beans is pretty good.

I cheated, not so proud of myself, I knew I was going to cheat the question was when was I going to? It was during our school musical and I was really hungry because the fruits I had been eating didn’t satisfy me. The next thing I knew there was a nice piece of pizza stuck in my mouth so I ate it.

I notice that my energy is low. I find myself more tired in school school and I have been having a harder time focusing.

When I first became vegan I thought it would have been more difficult. Now I know that being vegan isn’t hard but you definitely need to adjust to the change. When you have been eating mostly meat for your whole life and then go to not eating meat at all it is hard because you are used to your old habit and you have to be faithful to the change. It sounds easy to first be eating meat and then start to be vegan. I was talking to my friends and they were talking about how they could have never become vegan — EVER. So that kinda made me happy because I’m doing something that most of my friends say they could never do. It’s pretty cool. Although I’d rather not be doing it, the thought of having a challenge keeps me busy.

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