Starting A New Challenge

Starting a new life! My first week going vegetarian was full of adventures! During my first week I did a plethora of things to help me out with my vegetarian experience. One of those activities was that I searched up “vegetarian food online” and I found a website full of recipes. Also, something else that I did was that was I made my mom cook a meal with no type of meat and it was delicious!

This is a vegetarian meal.

One of the challenges I faced was that I couldn’t prevent trying my mom’s meals. One day I tried like .5 oz of chicken. I can’t prevent trying my mom’s meals because she cooks so good !My first week of being vegetarian was going great until my dad bought me Chipotle. I couldn’t prevent eating it , so I just ate a little amount of chicken.

After my first week, I realized that being vegetarian takes time. I think being vegetarian takes time because in the first week you won’t be able to not eat meat at least a day. Also, I am just starting this experience, so after time I will handle not eating meat.

My favorite moment so far has been when I tried all these different types of vegetarian meals. This is my favorite moment so far because I realized the different type of vegetarian meals. And the meals are very delicious!

Micheal Duncan is a famous athlete who is vegetarian.