The Beef-less Week

I just went a whole week without eating any beef and while this might not seem like any sort of an accomplishment I am proud. One week ago I calculated that I eat around 4.3(oz) of beef daily, mainly from cheese burgers. For me not eating at least one burger weekly alters my routine and it meant having to ask my mom for food when I would have normally just went to a Five Guys.

I was not the only one affected by this change in lifestyle. My entire household did not eat any beef over the last week either. Living with not many people makes it so that if I can’t eat something it becomes unreasonable to make food that is not going to feed a large percentage of our household. So my project has been inflicted on my family and now my project is having an even larger impact.

Assuming my baseline week is an accurate representation of my meat consumption, I eat around 98 lb of beef annually, which is more than the average american according to Public Radio International. I can also assume that if I eat more beef than the average American my family probably consumes a slightly above average amount of beef. If my family were to do this project for a year, we could potentially save around 300 lb of beef annually. I am anxious to eat beef again but until then I will continue to write about my struggle.