Sunday’s mishap

Well, this has been one long journey of being vegetarian and this is only week two. I have a long way to go. *Sigh.* These past two weeks I have had to overcome many challenges for example cooking my own food. I have not been creative at all and I’m sadly leaning towards the unhealthy side of being vegetarian, which was not my hope for this project. When I started on this project, I wanted to be one of those healthy vegetarians that post they’re colorful breakfast smoothies on Instagram with probably so many filters.

Another challenge has been trying to stop my cravings for Chick-fil-A, steak, etc. Something that I have done is to stop eating dinner with my family or I will begin to crave their non-vegetarian meals and might even try to take a bite, which sadly happened this past Sunday. At church they were serving “milanesa de pollo,” which I have not had in a long time. It looked absolutely delicious and of course that was the one day my parents did not forget I was vegetarian and they did not let me get lunch from church that day.

When my sister got up to refill her Pepsi I cut a piece of that chicken and ate it. I looked back and saw that there was a long line so I ate more than I should have. When she came back she was not happy about it. Later I regretted it because I knew I have not fulfilled the expectations of this project. After begging my parents for a bite of their steak, and eating my sister’s chicken, I realized that it might just be best for me to eat dinners without my family. I did not think that I would be dreading this month so much.