Well I’m back. It has been a great week and athletics have been poppin. I’m going to practice every day to different sports and I have to hydrate myself. So I’m using tap water at my house and for some reason a lot of minority families think it’s not safe to drink tap water. Common myths are: “it has bacteria” and “it’s not safe.” Because of these concerns I tested the water out myself by using a First Alert test kit to check for any bacteria, lead, pesticides, chlorine, nitrates, hardness, and the PH levels. All of my tests came out negative, which leads me to this question: How did these myths all start? Why does it seem like only the minorities believe this? How will we overcome this great disaster? Part of it is due to advertising and part of it is because of legit concerns (Flint, MI and lead in DC).

As you can tell, water is everywhere and we need healthy lifestyles to succeed in today’s society. I have succeeded far past my expectations for going through with this project and I believe we all have to start somewhere. Why not here? Our planet is going down the “drain” and we already have resource wars going on and very difficult situations. I do not want climate wars for my children and their children soon. In the next 50 years, we will be in a whole different situation all because of the human race and our mistakes. Our mistakes are not the problem. We just have to make progress and learn, which is really difficult for us. I question myself why? Why is everything so corrupt? Why don’t all people care? Why do only some people take these issues seriously?