We waste more than we think

My Realization about how much food we waste

Before starting this project I had a rough compost bin but didn’t use it consistently. That has changed. Eight days into the project my family has composted six pounds of food. The next question I asked myself was where does this food come from?

I looked back on what we had been eating that week and we saved leftovers if there were any and never threw away a whole day’s worth of food or leftovers. So what was the source?

There it was

After more thought I realized most of what we put in the compost was what was left of the fruit and vegetables we used. It all made sense. We had been cooking at home most days and eating a good amount of natural products. Also this morning I looked into the container I keep on the kitchen counter and all I saw was apple cores, banana peels, other fruit skins, tops of tomatoes and carrots.

It really made sense. I started to understand why people don’t think they waste food. It is because most of the food we waste is in small quantity but high frequency.

We should all start to compost and we will realize how much food we really waste and what we can actually use it for.