Week 2 (or 3): Brightening up

The 2nd week of DOT and I must admit it has gotten easier to give up some light. After the first week I feel like it’s just become more common since its so simple — just turn off unused lights or use them less. Sometimes I don’t even turn on some lights at all because I feel it’s unnecessary! But just because I’ve gotten used to it doesn’t mean all is well. My family doesn’t seem to remember the DOT so they constantly turn on lights they aren’t using, meaning I have to clean up after them. Sometimes they do actually turn off the lights but more times than not, they don’t. But I do like knowing I am doing something to help and seeing the numbers decrease gives me a good sense of progress and inspires me to continue this DOT.

I have also realized that I use a lot of lights normally (when not on DOT), and I am pretty sure most others do as well. I have done some research and there is this neat little gadget called an occupancy sensor, which in short turns on lights for you when you are in a room, and turns it off when you leave! They are also fairly cheap making it a smart investment, ensuring you wont leave a room with lights on (which has occurred on several occasions). If decreasing your ecological footprint has been difficult, set a goal for yourself. This will help motivate you and incline you more positively. It worked for me. So that’s a recap of my DOT so far — doin’ good.