Week One: A new light

So it’s been one week, and this project left me in the dark (pun intended). I started off pretty rough as I constantly turned on lights but turned them off again because I had forgotten about my DOT. Also, when I was going to turn off the lights that were unused in my house, I ran into some complications with my mom telling me to leave the kitchen light on. But I had to explain EVERYTHING about the DOT and why conserving lights is important. It took a while but we reached a consensus that we will use more efficient lights (sunlight) and only turn the light on later in the day.

After the first three or so days, I realized how much light we actually use, and in short it’s a lot. But I feel better knowing I’m actually doing something to help the planet.

A favorite moment for me right now, was when I thought it had gotten late since a lot of the lights in my house are turned off at about 7–8 pm, so I thought it was late but it was actually early. It was about 6. So this just shows how not only can flicking a light switch off when you leave a room or just turning off unnecessary or less important lights could make a positive impact on the planet but also impacts one’s mentality. But there have been times when I have thought to take a break, turn that light back on for maybe another hour or so, but every time I remind myself, I have to commit to this, to help the planet.