What’s saving a bit of water going to do?

After one week of taking shorter showers I have saved about 19 gallons per shower, for a grand total of 133 gallons. But what does that mean for the entire world? There are more than 326 million trillion gallons of water on Earth, but only around 3% of it is actually drinkable and bathable. This means that there is a lot of freshwater on Earth, so what is 133 gallons going to do?

I thought a lot about this, well in my newly limited time in the shower, and I remembered watching this video.

This video helped me remember that even if I am making a very small impact at least I am trying and maybe, just maybe, I can inspire others. After that, maybe the whole world would be inspired to use less water, or change just one thing about their lifestyle to help the environment. That is how I realized that my DOT could help the planet as a whole and would not only impact me as an individual. After realizing this I started to work a bit harder at taking shorter showers. You see, at the very beginning of my DOT I did pretty well to take shorter showers but I began to slip. This really helped me get back on track.