You Are Taking So Long!

One morning I was in the shower and I heard a voice saying, “You are taking so long in the shower, breakfast is ready!” I realized it was my father telling me to hurry up because the breakfast was ready and I had been in the shower for almost 50 minutes. A few months later, in my 8th grade science class, my teacher told us about our Do One Thing (DOT) project. This project consisted of doing one thing to help our environment for four weeks. One of the suggested options was to take shorter showers; I knew this was the project I wanted to do because it would not only make my dad happier but it would also make a huge impact on the environment because even one less minute in the shower matters.

According to The Hill, there are severe water shortages and there isn’t enough water or fresh water available. This also talks about how water shortages is “major threat to national security alongside terrorism.” This is a very important problem and everyone should be talking and doing something about it. We have to do something about this, because we can’t live on a dangerous place where it is not safe to drink the water that comes out from our faucets. If you are interested in taking shorter showers,(it will make a huge difference) here are some tips for taking shorter showers.

Cool facts:

  • Each minute in the shower wastes 9 liters of water
  • If you reduce you showers by two minutes, you can reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs
  • A shower of 10 minutes uses 50 gallons of water

Take a step toward saving the world just by saving water!

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