Collective Poster Making Experience



I’m really obsessed with glitchy typeface, and also the kinetic effect, they all look like a typography performance to me. I really want to learn the technique to implement this and make it crazier.

I’m interested to expand this experience to multiple users they make some glitchy fonts then put them in a empty canvas like putting stamps on an envelope.

I’m debating to either divide the experience to two parts, first invite users to create their own performance actors, then they can enter the stage where everyone’s cursor is the kinetic typefaces animation, or they can first send them then adjust them. If I have more time for development, ideally users can interact with each other, for example, the color/font size/letterspace/.. of the typeface would change, and can be assigned with some emotions like Imessage text effects.

Live Web taught by Shawn Van Every

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Danqi Qian

Danqi Qian

Motion designer now pursuing master degree @ ITP NYU.

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