Capstone Week 11

This week, like all quarantined weeks, has been a struggle to get work together. Setting up meetings and user tests has been a helpful motivator though, and I hope to do one more round of testing next week before starting on my digital portfolio display of the project.

After three user tests, I gained some additional insight and feedback on UI considerations, especially in light of converting to desktop (but it isn’t a huge leap). A tester had really helpful feedback in communicating the narrative about transness a bit more clearly and in how to introduce our main character. Another tester actually recalled a time they had said something insensitive to me several years ago. It’s nice to think this still could have some level of impact even in the strange time we find ourselves in.

All in all, what was also incredibly helpful was actually watching people play. In this round of testing, I made sure to give people specific context and the type of medium they should expect. This is something I want to hammer home in the project display (this is NOT a video game). The ability to see people play without physically watching over their shoulder was really valuable and told me more about UI considerations than any verbal critique.

Back to the grind for the next couple weeks polishing this up and doing fun things like manually putting in hanging quotation marks. I love you Figma, but why do you do this to me.



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Em Baehren

DAAP student. Eventual degree-haver in Graphic Communication Design.