Composting for the Future

Inside a youth-led compost collective, or “the Wakanda of South Baltimore”

“Of Baltimore’s municipal trash, 80% can be composted, recycled, or reused. So we are spreading the news that composting is the alternative to trash incineration.”

“If you have healthy soil, you have healthy produce. We turn the compost into black gold soil enhancer for those residents with raised beds in the garden, so they are able to grow their own food.”

A Career Paved by Food Scraps

Teaching the Next Generation

Councilmember Zeke Cohen gets a tour of the Filbert Street Garden
One of Kenneth’s photos, taken at the Filbert Street Garden

“I think it’s so important as leaders for Baltimore city that we pass that torch and we inspire tomorrow’s environmental justice and social justice leaders to take us to the next level.”

The Legacy of Composting in Baltimore

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