2050: The Journey to Abundance — A message from the Future

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The year is 2050, and in the new world of abundance where curiosity, compassion, creativity and courage are the deep expressions of humanity, society is thriving. Long gone are the days of boring and unsatisfying jobs which are mechanistic in nature. We no longer measure happiness as there is no need to measure something that is an integral part of society. We realise that technology, the internet, was the magic key to help us save ourselves, to remove the divides that humanity had created through our inability to communicate collectively over the ages. We openly share everything today, our feelings, our thoughts, our beliefs as we know that only through transparency we can evolve and learn as a race.

We now live in smart & highly connected communities surrounded by and at one with nature. At an instant we are able to connect with anyone across the world in a fully immersive experience akin to being with the other person(s) in person. We are able to co-create on purpose driven initiatives and through serendipity experience we are taken to the experiment that immediately connects with our heart, we start from flow, it is a mind expanding experience, it has become the high of the day; there is no need for chemical induced highs; the need for alcohol which disappeared ages ago; and tobacco is but a faint and distant memory of the wise elders that live today.

Our natural high through interconnectedness has enabled us together to solves many of the old challenges that we faced. Poverty no longer exists, everyone has a blissful place to live; we grow our food locally these days and there is never a shortage. Our energy is also produced locally, through a shared community based solar cell network which is integrated in the windows on our living spaces.

Long gone too are traditional organisations, we realised years ago that those inherently cohesive entities served little purpose except for enriching the few in monetary ways and causing unnecessary suffering of all people from the CEO to the on the ground workers. We appreciate and understand that they served a their purpose well during the industrial age. We now organise in organic teams of teams based around a real need for society, we co-create purpose-led solutions with authentic flow, and we disband once the purpose has been served. The invisible has been made visible throughout the entire engagement, people are recognised in realtime for their contributions through joyful celebrations. No one is left behind, everyone is supported, cared for and loved throughout the collective. Mentoring is the norm these days, we mentor each other, we all have mentors, some stay with us until the day we pass, others come into our lives for the fleeting moment that we feel the need for help, they appear by magic as if somehow the universe knows that we needed that specific help at that specific time.

We cry when we learn about our past, the seemly unnecessary suffering that the human race has gone through. We appreciate our forefathers for laying the foundation that enables us to live in this abundant world as we watch old youtube video blogs, and understand the leap of faith they took and blindly headed into an uncertain future that they passionately believe in. These days we always attribute the source of inspiration, we know the importance of doing this as we don’t wish to head back to those old mindsets of ego, hierarchy and politics. Everyone has something to contribute to society these days, and we have something to learn from each other; everyone these days are appreciated.

In the recent past on the day that the abundant world became visible to the masses when many people finally woke up in an instant as if spring just arrived overnight; we did not quite comprehend how we actually got here. In those early days, historians frankly searched into the mass of data out there trying to figure out what was the one thing, the one person that started our journey. We realised that it was the universe talking to us; and one day a few people just decided to listen to and shared it in amazement of what they heard with few other people. In fact the universe had always been talking to us; but in our past we stopped listening as our egos took over and numb out inherit eco awareness for millennia. We now call those the ego ages; a time of spiritual despair; but somehow out of that the internet emerged which allowed us to start to connect and share on a global basis; it allowed the invisible, the injustices to become visible, it made us rethink and question ourselves, to ask why?

The human race is extremely resilient when faced with horrors; it somehow finds a way to survive and evolve. We now acknowledge that we live in an uncertain future, however we fully embrace it and openly these days as we look forward to the next challenge in our long journey ahead. We realised that nothing is forever, we realise that we are building the next foundation; I can’t quite imagine what it will be like; but I have faith that it will be a better place, just like our forefathers did.

I am a balancer, yes that’s me, I sense the need across the collective consciousness to keep things in balance. A balancer is a role done by 5% of society. My mother is a sensor, a role done by 5% of society, she is able to see the inner truth of people, and through reflections she is able to describe the person and guide them to their place of fullest potential. My sister is an integrator, a role done by 7% of society, she integrates common initiatives so that we can solve challenges quicker and save human energy that can be better utilised for other needed initiatives. My father was a map maker a rare role that less than 0.1% of society does today. He was able to see into the emerging future and share the story in the yesterday years; he was also an Anchor; I remember the day that he welcomed the last person into the abundant world, he and his trust circle had sat down with the guy for 30 days sharing stories of the abundant world, asking appreciative questions to him and listening for hours as they talked and tried to navigate his own journey into his awakening. They believed that if one person was left behind his map would have failed and society could one day revert back to its old ways. We are mindful of this everyday, we unify divides as they emerge; we are wiser these days of what a single ripple can cause. This is my role and my passion as balancer, I love it!

Well I am off for a walk with my father now, it’s a beautiful sunny Monday afternoon here and love to listen to my father’s stories of the old days and ask him questions.

To be continued…

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