2050: The Journey to Abundance — hugs from the Future

Now we’re on December 9, 2050. I just turned 81 years old. As is the custom in our community it was a small celebration. Which gave me vitality and joy to realize — again!! — the great gift of Life. My friends were dancing in a circle around me and I expressed my gratitude dancing in their midst as I felt. I’m not a good dancer, so I danced like a child who just enjoy. I silently thanked to Great Goddess of Life, my dear Mother Nature and to all the people who have made possible for human species to lives in harmony with Nature. And of course I thanked silently — and ritually also — to all members of our living community. They are my joy, my meaning, but especially the are my support for everyday life.

For a long time, for over 35 years — all started in the spring of 2013 — I have lived with peace and joy, with love and trust, with contentment and gratitude (these are the very words of my inner prayer that speaks inside continuously) in a state of wonder, joy, openness, sensing, contemplation. But today I was more open to contemplation: the sky, the sea, the beach, the fire, the sand and stones, people dancing around me, their unique clothes, our music and chants that seems to unite heaven and earth (for me this music is the very song of joy that we are alive), the dance movements that were braided us one with another, forming a wave that connect us all…

After the ceremony ended I preferred to stay alone on the beach near the fire, watching the sunset. Suddenly a wave of melancholy swept me: I looked back at the whole journey that has brought me here! I love the earth, but I love more water, so I got up and entered the sea. I felt to be in the water, to be touched and blessed by water! (Although it is December, in southern Crete where our small nomadic community chose to spend the winter, the water is not so cold, and I still stand well in cold water)

Wow! What a trip!

I was born in Romania, during the communism era: just few people had cars, telephones, televisions and cameras. Everything was black and white: as our everyday life, without much diversity, unpredictibility or possibility of authentic manifestation. We all were robots in line. And I did not even realize it! That was whole life for me. And just that! But how many have changed since then! With me and the entire human society! Wow!

The first word that awakened something in me was “tyranny”. Before I did not know that word exists. Although I sensed that something “is wrong with our country,” not knowing this word meant for me to not understand what happens to us: that we live in a tyranny that hijacked us daily manifestation of authentic. This word came into my world when I was 20 years old: when I thought that driving back communism will bring justice, prosperity and purpose for our lives. We quickly discovered that the journey to fairness and social harmony of our people just begun.

And so began my journey! Step by step she drive me into realms totally unexpected! My life journey has been a truly evolution! And could be so because I was not alone, but with millions of others! I managed to meet some and travel with them. I was not alone! That was my chance! I would not have managed alone. No human being can create alone an environment to support its life. The collaboration has given us mutual strength to go forward in a healthy way!

For the begining, like any young, I searched for a purpose. Actually, this purpose searched for me: my inner call. The problem was that I was always diverted to hear and understand it. For a long time I was not able to understand it clearly, because I could not find something outside which fits with it. Just small pieces. But I kept looking and do not let my flame within to die. I continued to behave as a living being and not as a cog in a machine. My being — as any living being — refused to become part of any structures that did not fit the laws of Nature; that did not fit my human nature.

But step by step the whole world was transformed and I began discovering more and more outside that resonates with me, with the Beauty that my heart felt possible. I ceased to haunt the fog and I started to walk towards a clear direction. I called it: Road to Freedom. Freedom was the main force-line that drive my life.

I understand that autonomy is the foundation of freedom. Freedom is a network of interdependencies: healthy relationships that build a healthy ecosystem and sustain an authentic manifestation. The manifestation of authentic human nature is joy and creativity and responsibility and good will. A new possibility of human relationships — so called Teal level of relations — is looming mankind. I was in 2016 … How young I was! ”Just” 47…

A new world of possibilities and hopes was opening before my eyes, before my human species!

Like any living creature, I had a purpose. I still strongly believe that vital impulse for it was my inner call. But it was mine to give it shape. The shape we managed to give it is in a beautiful inter-dependence with other people’s purposes and creations, in relationship with everything happening around us, as a response to. Some of us who could communicate at this deep level — where you can feel the future who is about to emerge from our desires, goals, capabilities and especially from the needs of the enviroment— finally managed to break the threshold of separation. Together we have made a step forward on the path of social and biological evolution of the human species to a higher level of symbiosis and harmony between us and everything around us. And so we resume the place in the Great Circle of Life! Our beings have resumed to Life and so: vitality, joy, health, feeling, sensing, empathy begun to thrive again! What followed from those years was for me an adventure full of vitality! I felt to buy a small sailing yacht which has become a place where human manifestation at a Teal spiritual level was at home from the begining.

And so our little nomadic and flexible community started to blossom. No, it was not something static: thousands of people passed through it, came and went. It was more a school, a space for co-learnig and co-creation, a place where everyone brought something to others and received something from others and walked away having in hearts this new image of humanity: one in harmony with life and not in competition and separation. For me was a school where we learned together in a living way what “Agile Architecture” or “Emergent Design” really means. We become again like wild beings! Free and flexible, in movement and adaptable. Like wind and water and earth! We, humans, have managed to rewild ourselfs and rewild our Planet! We discovered by living example that human nature is fundamentally cooperative, good-willing and creative: all you have to do is just to build a healthy environment to allow human beings to develop themselves authentically. Our small nomadic community was a human society built as a living ecosystem. That was my dream! That was allways humans inner dream!

I was born into a world of iron, in a zoo where our healthy instincts and our inner call are unable to manifest authentically and become alienated. Today I am happy and grateful that we were the generation who chose life and managed to reorient our evolution towards harmony and constructiveness. We learned in our community that we can build trust. We can create a civilization compatible with Nature and human nature.

Today I have 81 years, I swim in this miracle which is the water, breathe this wonder which is the air, I enjoy the warmth of the miracle that is the sun, I enjoy the wonder which are the plants that give me oxygen and very soon I will enjoy the starry sky who always was reflecting the deep within us! A deep that — apparently — we managed to turn in harmony and not in destruction!

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