Investment in Meddy

Maher Hakim
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2 min readApr 15, 2020


We are happy to announce that 212 is joining as an investor and board member.

In 2016, Haris Aghadi graduated from Carnegie Mellon University Qatar with a bachelor’s degree in information systems. Instead of doing what his friends were doing at the time: getting a stable job in Doha with steady income, he decided to take an idea he developed for a class project to market and launched Meddy. I have to admit that was skeptical: Doha is a small market, digitizing healthcare operations services in the Middle East is cumbersome and not necessarily a profitable endeavor, Haris and his partner Abdalla were young, naive and inexperienced. Qatar’s startup ecosystem was nascent at the time, and the regulatory environment in Qatar was not very easy to navigate. Despite all of this, and being a believer in life-long earning, I did encourage Haris to proceed. At the same time, I was thinking, in a few months, he would have learned a number of things, given up and moved on to do something else.

Three years later, Meddy — Haris’s startup, was operating in two countries: Qatar and UAE, facilitating thousands of doctors’ bookings and generating millions of dollars in billings to hospitals and clinics. Haris and his small team achieved these targets by running lean, taking small steps, and maintaining sharp focus on creating customer value and user satisfaction.

At its core, Meddy is a platform that helps patients find the best doctors and book appointments. It allows them to find doctors best suited to their needs based on a wide array of filters and patient reviews. Meddy also provides a suite of products to clinics and their marketing teams to manage bookings, patient reviews, and analytics. It helps clinics improve their online presence and attract new patients.

We believe that Meddy can and will unlock tremendous future opportunities. The healthcare operations market in the Middle East is significant and growing rapidly. Digital automation opportunities in this market are abundant. In Meddy, 212 is investing in a creative, dedicated and nimble team pursuing an excellent market opportunity. We look forward to working with Haris and his team to grow Meddy into a major enabler for delivering better healthcare services in the region.

Thank you.