Investment in AppSamurai

Ali Karabey
Feb 26 · 2 min read

We are delighted to announce our investment in AppSamurai, the Mobile Advertising Platform with a cutting-edge product portfolio to support customers at every problematic level of mobile advertising, along with a Fraud Prevention Suite redefining the rules of fraud detection & prevention.

While AppSamurai pinpoints solutions to reach global growth, acquire engaged users, and carry any app to success, Interceptd multiplies Return on Ad Spend with real-time fraud detection and optimization. Reinforced AI algorithms provide real-time protection.

Most global brands have one thing in common. Mobile ad fraud took a $2.3bn toll on marketers in the first half of 2019. In 2018, there were more than 20 compensation lawsuits filed against huge ad companies because of the lack of transparency and fraud.

A marketing budget spent path of any campaign:

Recently Uber sued five mobile ad-tech companies and roughly 100 unnamed third parties for allegedly engaging in fraudulent ad activity of collectively poaching $70 million to buy out ad space for Uber that turned out, upon review, to be inventory that was “nonexistent, non-viewable, or fraudulent”. To further delve on this growing predicament in Digital Marketing, fraud has several completely different stages. While the fraud detection stage is easier to facilitate, the real-time prevention solutions are far harder to come by and thus more lucrative. Interceptd’s auspicious position arises from their profitable and scalable solution, preserving your marketing spend before fraud has a chance to take effect.

Interceptd allows customers to detect and prevent fraud on many aspects; from click, install or attribution-based alarms to blocking suspicious traffic in real-time campaigns. Their fraud algorithm has been developed with years of experience of the AppSamurai team. Interceptd blocks suspicious traffic in real time with complex machine learning driven alarms that catch very complicated fraud. Product is also easy to implement without SDKs and has customizable rules.

What impressed us most about this extraordinarily talented and intuitive team of 65 people was their unique story of pivots and breakthroughs, enabled by the internal training platform and AppSamurai Judo culture. The same platform empowers them not only to be a step ahead of the fraudsters but also to increase client’s ROAS dramatically with the Interceptd technology.

We thank the Samurais for allowing us to witness their journey.

Onegai shimasu 🙏

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