When Phillies’ Aaron Rowand Broke His Nose Running Into Outfield Wall (2006)

“I felt like I needed to catch that ball” Rowand said of the play

Aaron Rowand robbed the Mets of a hit and broke his nose in process

It might be the best defensive play in the history of Citizens Bank Park, but Phillies outfielder Aaron Rowand paid a price. In a contest against the Mets, Rowand made a game-saving catch at the outfield wall, but in the process broke his nose and suffered several facial lacerations. Years later, the catch is still prominently featured on MLB highlight reels.

Aaron Rowand Ran Into a Wall in South Philly
This was Aaron Rowand in a nutshell. He was the type of guy who would run into a chain-link fence and destroy his face trying to catch a fly ball in May.