PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police and tech experts are warning about a new prank that centers on Apple’s digital assistant, Siri.

Authorities say the prank causes abuse of the 911 system.

Pranksters ask iPhone users to close their eyes and say, “Hey Sir, 1–0–8” because Siri will do something funny.

But authorities aren’t laughing.

Siri calls 911 within five seconds because that is the emergency number in India.

Cpl. Adam Reed with Pennsylvania State Police says, “Fake calls, or unintentional calls, aren’t taken lightly. You could be looking at disorderly conduct, risking or causing a catastrophe. There are various charges if police department resources or 911 center resources are utilized while taking that fake call.”

C-Net reports Apple created the feature to make emergency services easily available to people who travel out of the country often.

via 215Today.