I’ve been watching water boil.

For the past 2 months I’ve been watching water boil.

Ok, I haven’t been doing so literally but I had a conversation with a friend that gave me a much needed wake up call.

I’m quite sure we all have gone through the process of heating up water and waiting for it to come to a boil? If you haven’t I’ve attached this video for your convenience.

Watching water come to a boil is not the most thrilling activity in the world (unless you’re a water boiling enthusiast). It requires patience and the great thing is no matter how much you increase the heat, water doesn’t care. Increasing the heat may make it move a little quicker but it doesn’t automatically get to a boil. The water will go through its natural cadence to come to a boil. It knows what it is doing with or without your input.

I then went back to my friends comment around how I’ve been getting so frustrated because I’ve been figuratively watching water boil. I’ve been focusing on events and things that part of my journey and forgetting that it’s just that a tool and a part of the process. I’ve been waiting by staring vs. waiting by doing. I’ve been gazing at this one thing — getting to the destination which in my case is my next job vs focusing on all the things around me.

Simply put we’re bringing the water to a boil because it’s necessary to complete another task that we have at hand. Whether it be our pasta, some veggies or purification things take time. Patience is a part of the process and things RARELY happen overnight. We often forget that that the boiling water is just a part of the overall experience or meal. We need that patience and transition period to cultivate the necessary tools and resources for what’s next.

I’ve been in a mini rut as of lately because I’ve been focusing on “how long” or how this water boiling is “delaying” my process. I’ve been marinating on the process vs. focusing on what I can do to be ready and cultivate a space and environment for my blessings. Being in a season of transition and uncertainty truly shows us so much about our character. I left my old role in June and I never realized how much of my identity and validation I placed in work. I’ve been staring at the uncertainty of my life as if I have no power over other facets of my life. I often feel like we make life so much tougher for ourselves by seeking control over the things we cannot alter instead of being intentional to cultivate the land and spaces that we do have power over.

The reality is I have so much power and control over this transitional time in my life. Life is much more than the destinations we reach and the titles and “security” we accumulate. As a challenge my friend simply encouraged me to step away from the water. She challenged me make a list of all the things that I’ve wanted to do and start. She challenged me to set it and forget it — ie. go out there and cultivate the ground of my ideas, my goals, my plans and my projects. She challenged me to stop focusing on what wasn’t “ready” but finding things that I could bring to life.

Stop waiting for life to deliver your joy but seize it.

Remember: Watching the water boil won’t make it move faster.