Life = Life

Although this equation sounds super simple we seem to often forget that nothing can substitute “life”.

One of the most liberating things I recently realized is that work shouldn’t be your life and you won’t find full fulfillment in it. For me this was an eye opening realization — in life you invest in what brings you validation and fulfillment.

Once one begins to realize that, no singular thing can provide holistic value. You chose to become intentional about your life, your space and the things you want to manifest. You then start to treat your career path as a journey instead of these destinations. You’re so much more than your title and by default of who you are the other things you’re passionate/excited about will manifest. It may not happen in your job and that’s OK. We need to stop preaching this work is life mantra to folks.

Side projects can serve that purpose. I had the issue of wanting to encouraging my friends, while sharing and cultivating community. So I did just. What I created was a newsletter in “beta” (friends only for now) that I’ve used to create a brand and voice. I mean imagine me trying to find a role at a company to do all of that. Not gonna happen. Work is not life.

Life = Life

You can find outlets in things outside of work to support your creativity and passions.

The EARLIER you come to terms with this the happier and more liberated you’ll be. A tangible example is seen in how we choose the roles we decide to work in and how me express our passion. The thing is that my passion for being helpful and wanting to find that in a role landed me in spaces that weren’t a fit like customer operations and support. It hit me that I needed to go back to the drawing board & realize what I loved in business & where the intersection of my strengths aligned.


What I’m trying to get at is be honest with yourself and be real around what role work and career plays in your life.

Work should be an extension of you not the only place you find validation. Life is much more than your title. You are so much more than a title. Invest in your creativity. Invest in your vision for the world. Plain and simple — invest in yourself too.