Launching a Bitcoin Developers School in Switzerland

21 Lectures AG
Jan 28, 2019 · 2 min read

Today we are officially launching 21 Lectures AG. 21 Lectures’ mission is to bring more developers to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Lectured by the world’s best Bitcoin developers, our courses teach participants the fundamentals to work with Bitcoin & related technologies.

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With 21 Lectures, two board members of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland are taking the Bitcoin education in Switzerland to the next level. Education, and through that getting more developers to contribute to open source Bitcoin projects, has always been one of our main goals. We invited some of the most well-known experts from all around the world to speak in Zurich, but there is only so much you can learn from one talk in the evening.

At the our 21 Lectures courses attendees will learn the essential knowledge about Bitcoin & related technologies. We cover cryptography, the structure of transactions and blocks and how they are chained, smart contract language, the Lightning protocol as well as software and toolkits to develop on top of the block chain and Lightning.

You will learn directly from world-renowned specialists such as Lightning protocol co-designer Dr. Christian Decker, Bitcoin Core Maintainer Jonas Schnelli, Libbitcoin contributor James Chiang, as well as from the practical experience in developing Bitcoin software from the Shift Cryptosecurity AG (Digital Bitbox) with Marko Bencun, Kaspar Etter and Henrik Jonsson.

The 21 Lectures courses are made possible thanks to the support of our ecosystem partner Xapo.

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The World’s most secure Bitcoin Wallet and 21 Lectures Ecosystem Partner

Our next advanced course will take part on the 4–7 March. To learn more visit

About 21 Lectures AG

21 Lectures AG is based in Zug, Switzerland and was founded in 2018 by the president of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland Lucas Betschart. Its mission is to bring more developers to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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