Is Today The DayYou’ll Finally Realize Your Toughest Challenge Is Learning How To Live In The ‘New Normal’ World?

When we finally learn how to live in our ‘New Normal’ world, our journey will probably mirror the one Thomas Anderson took on his way to becoming Neo in The Matrix.

Photo by Petr Slováček on Unsplash

“Over time, the 21st century will be the moment when people awaken to the complex nature of the world. It…




Discussing how to most efficiently absorb new ideas, concepts, and models, and how to most effectively transform these new mental models into new skillsets and behavioral routines.

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David Nicoll, Ph.D

David Nicoll, Ph.D

I’m a dad, a reader, writer, and thought partner for individuals looking to improve their lives. My passion is learning and meeting this century’s challenges.

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