A year[1] since the first OneTeamGov breakfast in Leeds — the story so far and what next?

Sharon Dale
Nov 6, 2018 · 2 min read
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How it started

“Be the change you want to see in the world” was what I took away from my first OneTeamGov breakfast in London as well as the fact that I was welcome at the 8:30 gathering despite not being a Civil or Public servant .

After attending my first breakfast in London I decided that we should have a similar event in Leeds and if no-one else came I would still get to have breakfast, and I like breakfast.

Four of us got together on the 6th November 2017 in a well known coffee outlet to decide if we thought it was a go-er and between us we hosted regular breakfasts in either Bridgewater place, Leeds One or Platform. Thanks to Rochelle, Michalea and Darren Hutton. Then some people changed jobs and everybody got busy so we had a bit of a gap until we decide to reboot it this year. We have been holding them every two weeks since 6th September in Merrion House in Leeds. Thanks to Lisa Jeffery and Jo for organising the space and refreshments (we bring our own breakfast).

What’s happening now?

On Wednesday this week we had thirteen people representing six organisations including three of us who were at the original meeting, we were only missing Zoe.

I didn’t take a photo this week however here is one from last time.

One Team Gov

The average number of people is about twelve. We have some fascinating conversations and probably more importantly the people who come are meeting like minded people from different organisations and sharing information and learning.

Some of the things we have recently discussed

We stole (with pride) from London and use a Lean Coffee format and I normally tweet the subjects HT James Arthur Cattell for all of the ideas. Thanks also to Jenny Vass for sending lanyards.

What next?

I have some questions.

  • What do people do as a result of the conversations at breakfast?
  • Is there something else we could do with the outputs from the meetings i.e. the things that people need information or help with?
  • Is the format working for people or should we try something else?

It appears to be a valuable use of people’s time and we have a core group of around 6 or 7 and some people who come when they are able.

[1] By the way it was a year with a big gap in the middle

21st Century Mindset

Working out what a 21st century mindset might be - out loud.

21st Century Mindset

Working out what a 21st century mindset might be - out loud.

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21st Century Mindset

Working out what a 21st century mindset might be - out loud.