Events I watched through a Twitter window this week

I get to a lot of great events, but recently I have not been able to make it to some due either to the current limitations of quantum mechanics or lack of travel budget. Luckily there has been some fantastic Twitter activity to keep me in the loop.

During the first week in October (S04 E07) I was not able to attend quite a few events due to being at the excellent Lean and agile Scotland conference in Edinburgh.

This week I wasn’t able to go to Open Data Camp 6 in Aberdeen which happened the weekend of 3–4 November. Here is a great post from Ben Proctor

and some fab sketchnotes from Drawnalism in this thread:

Here is a search of the hashtag #odcamp:

I also totally missed TICTeCLocal, which happened on 6th November, until @jukesie mentioned that he was not going to make it. Again this looked like just the type of event which I love to attend with fantastic speakers and some of my favourite people were there. Definite FOMO.

Here is a search of the hashtag #TITeCLocal:

I just need to come to terms with the fact that I can’t be everywhere or find work which requires me to be at all of the events. Suggestions welcome.