August Team, January 4 2017

August State of the Union : March 2017

Mar 27, 2017 · 13 min read

Major events and milestones

Team Growth — NY and London


Establishing an Org Structure


August Team, May 2016

Business Performance

At the end of December 2016:

2016 P&L for the Brooklyn office was

2016 P&L for the London office was

Engagements in 2016


Every August team member is expected to help us continuously increase the diversity of our team, the level of inclusion, and the feeling of belonging.

August Team, August 2016

How we’re working

August operates on a 4-month cadence, with smaller incremental rhythms for different teams and types of team meetings.

Our current tech stack includes (not including client-side tech):

Our vendors and partners:

Teams and Structure


Current Structure, as of March 2017

Notable governance

Checking in on last year’s goals

Increase the diversity of perspectives at the board level

Increase the diversity of the people in our talent pipeline

Make it easy for great candidates to say ‘yes’ to joining our team

Build relationships with HR executives and business leaders at Fortune 1000 organizations

Figure out how to make the initial introduction to responsive ways of working the BEST WORK EXPERIENCE EVER!

Make it easy for people within a client organization to discover, learn, and adopt responsive ways of working without our assistance

Improve our ability to work behind the corporate firewall, making the most of corporate IT-approved tools and software

Develop relationships with established responsive software providers (Microsoft, Google Docs, Box, Atlassian, Trello, Asana, Slack, etc.)

Turn what we’ve applied and learned into tools for others

Make it easier for clients who have never worked with us before to get started

Manage our cashflow so that we can increase our risk tolerance for adding new team members, making strategic investments, and spending on growth

21st Century Organizational Development

August’s efforts to understand how the Future of Work, works


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Building high-performing teams for the world’s most meaningful missions

21st Century Organizational Development

August’s efforts to understand how the Future of Work, works