221.1—The Case of the Narcissistic Entrepreneur

I like a good adventure story. I like a good adventure even better. 2016 was an adventure to be sure...now, it’s 2017, and this year is ripe for adventure. In 2017, I’m starting a new business, and I’m going to document the hell out of it.

Jason VanLue
Jan 18, 2017 · 2 min read

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of my business heroes—I don’t think a more intelligent marketing mind exists in today’s digital world. For years now he’s been swimming ahead of the wave of “social documentation,” the idea that people want to know what’s going on with you individually, and will follow what you show them.

Combine that with his idea that our phone is yesterday’s TV, and social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are yesterday’s NBC, ABC, and CBS, and it makes for an interesting landscape. He produces a daily show called “DailyVee” which is essentially a real-time documentary of everything he does in a day…kind of creepy, arrogant, and brilliant at the same time.

But the brilliance comes from his ability to open up his world to his viewers. We get a glimpse into how he runs his day, how he answers questions, how he solves problems, how he consults with clients, and how he thinks. It’s much more than just a weird, voyeuristic late-night escapade. In today’s world people—especially those closest to you—are more interested than ever in how you think, live, act, and be.

Thus I introduce my little 2017 experiment. In 2017 I’m going to build a business (hopefully more than one, but let’s take it slow), and I’m going to do my best to document as much as possible. I don’t currently have the luxury of a professional team of video editors, production assistants, copywriters, or designers to swag out my shit “GaryVee-Style,” so things will be short, rough, likely quite stream-of-consciousness, and probably half-relevant at best. But that’s okay.

Because my mantra in 2017 is to just “do.” Just get it done. I’m going to try and open up how I explore ideas, design solutions to problems, build products, hire a team, and a myriad of other aspects. My hope is that through this, you might find a nugget or two worth applying, but most of all that turning an idea into a business would become less scary.

I’ll be posting a lot here on Medium, keeping a running firehouse on Facebook, and trying my hand at a few other platforms…for now, Facebook, Medium, and Twitter are likely the best places to stay informed.

Here’s to doing eh? Let’s go on an adventure…

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Jason is an entrepreneur, designer, and writer // he’s starting a new business in 2017 and documenting every step // dad of 3 // affable


Adventures in Business My Dear Watson…from @jasonvanlue

Jason VanLue

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I’m a Christian • I build tech businesses • husband + dad of 3 • reps UNC, FSU, Middle Earth



Adventures in Business My Dear Watson…from @jasonvanlue

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