Ab-Soul Storms San Diego with Do What Thou Wilt

The Carson rapper represents his city and himself in a hyped up show

By R. Ray Robinson Staff Writer

R. Ray Robinson/Union Weekly

Top Dawg Entertainment rapper Ab-Soul took San Diego by storm when he stopped by during his tour for “Do What Thou Wilt” last month.

Before he rocked the crowd, Ab Soul had a Q&A backstage. When asked about one reason why he raps, Ab Soul spoke about Armand Jones, a former rapper by the name of “Prozspect” who collaborated with Ab-Soul on a song called “WeSt Coast RidaZ” in his past. Armand was also an actor who starred in the film “Freedom Writers” (2006) but sadly was fatally shot and killed at a Denny’s by gang members in Anaheim the same year.

“He is a big inspiration to me,” said Ab-Soul. “I am going to continue to mention him in my work.”

Ab-Soul wasted no time in hyping the crowd up by rapping, “Raw,” his first track from his album. His entrance was potent and mesmerizing when flashing red and white lights illuminated all over his body and hoody while his chorus blasted out, “Raw backwards on all you rappers.” He soon rapped, “They call me Ab-Soul…Now I walk through C-A-R-son like I am a hero…” He represents his city to the fullest and brings war to any rappers trying to defeat him lyrically in order for him to be the best rapper.

The 30-year-old MC continued the show off his lyrics and rhythmic flow with his track “Now You Know.” The track is influenced by Biggies’ Juicy song, with the lines, “If you don’t know; now you know…” It shows a different side to Ab-Soul’s lyrical flow as it is more low toned and slower than his previous track “Raw.” It is smooth and in meaningful for his appreciation for three types of females which described as “ladies, women and b*tches.”

Ab-Soul got the crowd going even more with “D.R.U.G.S.” In this song, Ab-Soul speaks about how much he appreciates those that are close to him such as his family, his homies, cousins, music, the world but having the same type of love for drugs. His vocals later suggest that anything can be a drug and can be seen as a drug versus a substance. Ab-Soul music is so deep that it seems so addicting as a drug.

Ab-Soul definitely brought his very best to San Diego with his raw-lyrical bars and deep messages. If you have not already, give Ab-Souls album, “Do What Thou Wilt,” a listen and be thrilled.

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