Happy Birthday to You, Senses Fail and “Still Searching”

They have yet to fail at selling out shows after 15 years

Words and photos by Natalee Coloman Staff-Writer

Natalee Coloman/Union Weekly

Starting their tour at The Observatory in San Diego at the beginning of March, Senses Fail has gone full circle around the United States to celebrate the 15th birthday of their second full-length album, “Still Searching.” On this tour, fans can sing their hearts out to the entire album from start to finish. Supporting Senses Fail are the bands Counterparts, Movements and Like Pacific.

Ironically, the band will also be ending their tour April 8 at The Observatory, but this time in Santa Ana supporting When We Were Young Fest. The band will also be playing in Los Angeles April 7, the last time they will play the album’s entirety for this tour. Unfortunately the tour faced a scheduling conflict with WWWY Fest and The Observatory ending with Senses Fail on the bill and the supporting bands playing elsewhere for the night.

The tour revolves around the theme “Quince Años,” not to be confused with quince anos (or 15 anuses) as Buddy Nielsen pointed out their tour shirts said. The singer mentioned the shirts were printed days before the tour began, but they would not make them throughout. Luckily, this is the only thing that will be withheld for the rest of the tour. During their first night in San Diego, fans set the mood. Not a single soul in the venue was standing still; the room echoed with each person singing along.

While this is their 15th anniversary for the album, Senses Fail still packs a punch throughout their show. Nielsen is full of energy, performing better than ever since sobering up and focusing more on his personal life. Over the past couple of years, Nielsen has publicly come out as queer, addressing fans and discussing his journey during an intimate acoustic show January 2015.

For those who are attending the upcoming shows either Friday or Saturday, expect to be hit with a wave of nostalgia. The show on Friday at The Regent will be as intimate as the venue, allowing fans to let loose while being in a safe space amongst each other. While the festival won’t allow the intimacy, Senses Fail has promised through social media to still give it their all. So Feliz cumpleanos, Senses Fail, and to many more ahead.

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