“Insights” Gives a Glimpse at Student Art

Annual student exhibition returns to the University Art Museum

Visitors observe a piece of art on display in the Permanent Collection Gallery of the University Art Museum. (Alejandro Ramos/Union Weekly)

By Alejandro Ramos, Editor-in-Chief

The University Art Museum (UAM) and the School of Art kicked off the “Insights 2017” exhibition with an award ceremony and an opening reception on April 11.

The annual exhibition features over 60 works of art made by students of the School of Art that were selected by a panel of guest jurors.

The evening began with an award ceremony at the Beach Auditorium in the University Student Union to commemorate those artists whose work stood out. Bridgette Segraves, Mark Stilwell-Hill, Tanya Flores Hodgson, Elmer Guevara were among the winners that were recognized for their art.

Greg, by Elmer Guevara, was one of the pieces that was recognized during the award ceremony. Guevara was awarded the ASI Purchase Award for his work. (Alejandro Ramos/Union Weekly)

Following the ceremony, the festivities continued with the opening reception. Outside the museum, guests were welcome to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and refreshments to the sound of a live band comprised of students from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music.

Inside, the walls of the UAM were lined with art of various mediums from paintings to sculptures to digital art displays. Each piece contrasted the piece next to them. The only thing that brought them together was the fact that they were made by students of the School of Art.

This year’s exhibition stands apart from the previous year’s due to the fact that student artwork was found in the Permanent Collection Gallery. In an email, UAM Visitor Services Coordinator Justin Litle explained this is the first year this has been done and that the decision was driven by a desire to have student artwork on showcased and displayed throughout the entire museum.

Student award winners will lead a tour of the exhibition on May 16 at noon.

Hours and information are available at the UAM website.

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