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Spotlighting local dreampop duo: Mother Mare

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Oct 6, 2017 · 3 min read

Story and photos by Diana Martinez Photographer

Musical duos are nothing new, but the moment you hear the first few seconds of a song by the up-and-coming duo known as Mother Mare, you know it’s going to be worth listening to the whole thing.

Robyn Maya and Julio Quijano are the captivating pair behind dream pop band Mother Mare (pronounced mahr-ay). They started the project some time after meeting in a music class in college. Vocalist and guitarist Robyn and backup vocalist, guitarist and mixer Julio realized they balanced each other out, creating music that reflected their collaborative creativity.

Their name was actually influenced by their interest in astronomy. Mare means sea; sea is also the name of the plains on the moon. The word “mother” just seemed appropriate to use.

They’ve listed Björk, Daft Punk and 808 State as influences. They’re also inspired by musique concrete, which is experimental music involving manipulation of nontraditional musical sounds and ’70s Japanese music.

They recently released two new songs, “001” and “Go Home,” which they recorded themselves in a makeshift studio located in their garage.

Honestly, their music sounds like magic. It’s hard not to get lost in Robyn’s soft, hazy voice or the beats that make you feel like you’re floating in outer space.

“Go Home” was originally written by Robyn’s uncle, but the pair worked on it and made it their own. This song sounds different from everything else they’ve released. The vocals are very clear and the lyrics are clearly angry or maybe even defeated.

Robyn’s saccharine voice with silky reverb somehow makes the song sound even harsher but nonetheless beautiful.

“001” was released alongside a music video that they filmed and produced themselves. Their editing fit the feel of the song perfectly.

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the single live performance Mother Mare has so far put on. Listening to them live is a whole different experience. They played in a friend’s backyard so it was an intimate space, but it was visually captivating. A projector, curated visuals, stage lights and a great setup of instruments made for what I’m sure many who were in the audience will agree was a memorable performance.

Mother Mare is making and releasing music at their own pace. Each song is carefully written and mixed. They’re slowly making a name for themselves in the local music scene. They gained momentum on social media early this year when Phantogram held a contest encouraging musicians to remix their song, “Same Old Blues.” Mother Mare saw the opportunity as an exciting challenge but winning the contest was definitely a plus. This success earned them prizes that included a guitar and social media promotion.

Standing out in the music scene can be difficult, but with Mother Mare’s combination of creative forces, it won’t be too hard.

Check out Mother Mare’s new song “001” on their YouTube: mothermaremusic.

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