The Television Throwback #1


By Oyinda Salako Contributor

As the fall season truly begins with the start of the television season premieres, I find it most fitting to go back in time 18 years to the premiere of one of the most pop-cultured shows still actively representing the transition into adulthood of young college students everywhere: “Felicity.” The series was created by J. J. Abrams, the mastermind behind Lost, Fringe, the latest Star Wars film.

Felicity was a character just as lost as any of us. She had just finished graduating high school, left to decide where she wanted to spend the next four years of her life — as if she had a clue. Anything sound familiar yet? While her parents were encouraging in one direction, she still felt a strong pull in another.

Long story short, she makes this huge impromptu decision to follow her high school crush from California to New York and attend university there instead of attending Stanford as a pre-med major. Now that part may not be that relatable, but if it is, be my friend — you make interesting life choices.

The show becomes a coming-of-age story as she tries to figure out exactly who she is and what she wants in this big bright new world; or if she’s cool with life just spontaneously taking her by the hand and leading her out and away.

Described as one of the “100 Best TV Shows of All-Time” by Time magazine, the series explored themes ranging from understanding what you want out of life to relationships to how your hairstyle can really make a difference.

The characters each held a trait easily resembled by any one of us as college students: confused, adventurous, studious, artsy, easily impressed, overly confident. While some of the characters are already self-aware — (Javier, the eccentric and openly gay coffee shop owner and friend to Felicity — a lot of them are not. But they charmingly attempt to figure it all out during these curious college years.

So during one of your late night binges, give “Felicity” a shot. You can’t jump ship until the pilot episode is over, especially in Felicity’s case; you have to make it to the first episode part where she tells her high school crush that she followed him across the country… (Seriously life choices on point). Until the next TVTB, sayonara.

A Music Soundbite

“Felicity’s” theme song is simply put a smooth melody with the soft crooning of a woman’s voice. Picture yourself walking in a downtown area through creative murals painted on the walls and faded colorful cobblestone floors beneath your feet. This type of soft jazzy-like music is exactly what would accompany you — just as it accompanied “Felicity” for its thirty second titular intro. It may not be the most memorable tune, but it honestly does represent the gentleness of the series and the shy character of Felicity.

Halfway through the television series, the theme song changed to “New Version of You.” The difference is strong: instantly more upbeat with a male’s auto tuned voice.

However, the biggest change came earlier on in season two when Felicity chopped off her luscious mane. The hair event has become an infamous reference in popular culture.

But besides those great memes, if you’re ever in need of a little laugh, there is a subtitled version of the original theme song that exists on YouTube. The crooning is hilariously translated into a series of “oohs”, “aahs”, and “de las.” Oh, it’s great. You la la la should ooh la la la watch la de da it.

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