2018 Police Department Lip Sync Challenge: 50 Best Videos

The 2018 Police Department Lip Sync Challenge videos are amazing! As a San Francisco Bay Area resident, I’m well aware of the frequent tension between police and citizens. I’m also aware of the incredible hearts and selfless humanitarian acts of many of our law enforcement officers. We all need a little bit of joy and reprieve from the tension. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the good ones and enjoy their awesome performances.


Here are 50 of best police department lip sync challenge videos, so far! (in no particular order, of course)

1. Greensboro Police Department Lip Sync Challenge ‘Bring It’



Altoona Police Department Lip Sync Challenge

3. Pleasant Hill Police Department Lip Sync Challenge

4. Indianola Police Department

5. San Francisco Police Department Lip Sync Challenge

6. James City County Police Department Lip Sync Challenge


7.Chicago PD 14th Dist‏ Police Department


8. Seattle Police Department


9. Virginia Beach Police Department

10. Pinmal County Sherriff’s Office

How did you like the first 10? police department lip sync challenge videos? If you didn’t get a chance to see them, you can go to the previous pages by clicking the links at the bottom of this page. I can’t believe so many departments across the nation took on this challenge. They’re all killing it though. I definitely had a hard time picking just one favorite. Think you can do it? Don’t forget to share!

11. Sioux Falls Police Department Lip Sync Challenge

12. Martinsville Police

13.Plainfield Indiana Police Department’s Lip Sync Challenge

14. Laredo Police Department Lip Sync Challenge

15. LEO Lip Sync Battle | I Can Only Imagine | K9s4COPs

16. Oklahoma City Police Department

17. Wausau Police Department

18. St. Francois County Lip Sync Challenge


20. @SanAngeloPolice

21. East Haven Police Department


23. Flower Mound Police Department Lip Sync Challenge

24. St. Augustine Police Department

25. Las Cruces Police Department

26. Sweet Home Police Department

27. New Kent County Sheriff

28. Euless Police Department

29. Charleston, WV Police Department

30. Cleveland TN Police Lip Sync Battle

31. York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office

32. Misty Turner — Jacksonville, FL


34. St Helens Police Department

35. Las Vegas Metro Police Recruiting

36.Orange County Sheriff’s Department

37. Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

38. Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department

39. San Benito County Sheriff’s Office

40. New Mexico State Police

41. Haymarket Virginia Police Department

42. Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

43. Harford County Sheriff’s Office

44. Gilbert, Arizona Police and Fire

45. Bushkill Township

46. Johnson County Sheriffs Office

47. Depew Police Department

48. Spotsylvania Sheriffs Office

49. McKinney, Texas Police Department

50. Lehi Police Department

Super fun, right? I think what I love most about all if this is how much everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. I believe that most law enforcement agents began their career path because they care about community.

Seeing them have fun, be vulnerable and silly shows us a much lighter side than we’re used to seeing in the media. I’m also loving the fun competitiveness of these departments. Notice how they are challenging their neighboring departments? You know that saying, “it only takes a spark to get a fire going.”

Well, these departments are lit! Do you have a favorite? Be sure to comment and support your favorite once you find it!

By: Alicia Gonzalez

Originally published at 24/7 Modern Mom™.