Source: Canva


Structure #5, verse

I file my papers on the day they’re due.
I know: I should submit them sooner, right?
I can’t explain the reasons why I don’t.
I know: it takes a while to fill them in,

but once I’m done, a refund will be paid.
The cash would come in handy for my rent
and help to ease my loaded credit card — 
I maxed it out a month ago or more,

and need to pay it off, avoid the fee. 
But Facebook calls, and Twitter tweets alerts
and sympathetic ears abound online
where no one hears my voice. They just react

with winkies, wows and condescending woo.
And then I’ll do my chores. I wrote a list
of urgent things to do before my tax.
I’ll do them slowly, over a few weeks…

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