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AI/ML music series 1: Note for Future Self by Oded Ben-Tal

The piece Note for Future Self is written by London based composer Oded Ben-Tal. He has generated music material by using in a creative and subvertive way google machine learning tools Magenta and folkrnn. Both tools allow users to create music and art by using machine learning technology. The piece was commissioned for the 2020 Joint Conference on AI Music Creativity. where it was also premiered.

Watch my interview with Oded Ben-Tal, where he explains in details how he used AI/ML technology to create this piece.

The video recording of Note for Future Self you will find bellow.

Oded Ben-Tal is a composer with complementary research interests at the intersection of Music, Cognition, and Computing. His compositions range from instrumental works to interactive pieces combining live performers with electronics, and include multimedia collaborations with artist from other domains such as video, dance, and visual design. He is senior lecturer at Kingston Univeristy of London. He studied composition with Jonathan Harvey and Brian Ferneyhough as part of his doctoral studies at Stanford University. Since 2016 I have been collaborating with Dr. Bob Sturm applying machine learning and AI methods to music.

Copyrights: Kingston Univeristy of London



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