Alexander Schubert on Sleep Laboratory

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Watch my interview with contemporary music composer Alexander Schubert on his piece Sleep Laboratory. It is a 60-minute immersive participatory VR installation piece for ensemble musicians/performers and VR Video. It mimics a group sleeping session based on topics of embodiment, virtuality, and simulation. It focuses on the comparison between the real and the virtual, the own experience and perception of another.

Watch interview:

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Alexander Schubert (1979) studied bioinformatics and multimedia composition. He’s a professor at the Musikhochschule Hamburg. Schubert’s interest explores the border between the acoustic and electronic world. In the music composition, immersive installation, and staged pieces he examines the interplay between the digital and the analog. He creates pieces that realize test settings or interaction spaces that question modes of perception and representation. Continuing topics in this field are authenticity and virtuality. The influence and framing of digital media on aesthetic views and communication are researched from a post-digital perspective. Recent research topics in his works were virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and online-mediated artworks. Schubert is a founding member of ensembles such as “Decoder“. His works have been performed more than 700 times in the last few years by numerous ensembles in over 30 countries.