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Pierre-Henri Wicomb: Psychoanalytic perspective on music

Watch my interview with Cape Town (South Africa) based contemporary art music composer Pierre-Henri Wicomb. His music is often based upon the process of `translating` abstract and philosophical `ideas into musical structures. Low quality is another element very prominent in Wicomb’s sound world and part of his compositional interests. It is presented by a common, overused familiarity, traceable in the different elements of his music. Wicomb’s music has featured at the Festival D’Automne (Paris 2013), New York City Electronic Music Festival (2016, 2018), International Computer Music Conference (Utrecht 2016), Festivalen for Svensk Konstmusik (Stockholm 2019), Forum Wallis (Leuk, Switzerland 2013, 2014, 2021), Wilde Bloesem series (Amsterdam 2006), Infecting the City, Bowed Electron and Unyazi Festivals (Cape Town) to name a few. He has worked with groups/ensembles including Ums ‘n Jip, Ensemble Reconsil, Potage du Jour, Duo Axelsson Nilsson, L’Instant Donne, Ensemble Insomnia, Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, [X] iksa, KZN Philharmonic Orchestra and Duo InterZones.He co-founded the Purpur Festival for transgressive arts (2015) hosted annually at the Young Blood gallery in Cape Town.

Watch interview:

Selection of music composed by Pierre-Henri Wicomb:


Source: Pierre-Henri Wicomb.



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