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Rodrigo Sigal on his piece Vida Lunar

Watch my interview with contemporary music composer Rodrigo Sigal on his multimedia music piece Vida Lunar. The piece composed for bass flute, video, and computer, performed by Alejandro Escuer and commissioned by Alejandro Lavanderos.

Watch interview:

Watch piece (video starts late in the piece):

Watch trailer of Luminico concert (2020) with Rodrigo Sigal piece Vida Lunar:

Rodrigo Sigal is interested in new technologies especially in the electroacoustic music field. He is a composer, cultural manager and full time professor since 2017 at ENES, UNAM, Morelia, where he is also the coordinator for the Music and Artistic Technology undergraduate program. Sigal has been the director of the Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts where he coordinates numerous initiatives of creation, education, research and cultural management in relation to sound and music. He is the director of the “Visiones Sonoras” festival and editor of “Sonic Ideas” journal.

Source: Rodrigo Sigal




Interviews with academic composers

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