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VR series: Dystopia Trilogy composed by Patrick Hartono

Watch my interview with Indonesian composer Patrick Hartono on his piece Dystopia Trilogy. Dystopia Trilogy is a WebVR composition consisting of three movements inspired by the composer’s experiences during the seven months of social restriction in 2020. These memories are interpreted and developed as narrative ideas and divided into three major pandemic episodes — infectious- period, lockdown, and new-norma — in which sound recordings and 3D scanning assets.

Watch interview:

Watch demo of the piece:

Patrick Hartono’s art and musical interest are to use technology and scientific approaches as creative tools. He is also interested in 3-D sound spatialisation, analog/digital synthesis, psychoacoustic, visual music. Most of his works use the sound of Indonesian traditional music instruments, computer-generated sound/images, field recordings; transformed, rearranged, modulated by mathematical rules, real-time interaction, and controlled random operations. His music has been internationally performed at the festival, conference, and venue such as YCMF, WOCMAT, Sound Bridge Festival, ZKM, IRCAM, NYCEMF, Sines and Square, ACL, Sonorities Festival, Salihara, ICMC, Gaudeamus, ACMC, BEAST, CCRMA, and many more.

Source: screenshot captured from the demo of piece




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