MyListing 2.0 Update!

Listing stats

With this update, we’ve included a built-in solution for tracking listing visits, and saving relevant information that’ll help listing owners better know their audience.

User Dashboard Stats

The supported stat categories are as following.

  • Visit and unique visit counts
  • Referrers
  • Top countries
  • Top browsers
  • Top platforms/operating-systems
  • Mobile/Desktop visit share

Stats are shown in 3 different levels:

  1. User stats — Combined stats for all listings that belong to the logged in user. These can be found in User Menu > Dashboard.
  2. Listing-specific stats — Stats for a specific listing, which can be accessed using the “Filter by listing” dropdown in User Menu > Dashboard.
  3. Admin stats — Combined stats for all listings in your site. These are shown in WP Admin > Dashboard, as dashboard widgets.

Each tracked visit is stored in the database for 30 days, after which it gets automatically removed. This is done to keep the amount of data smaller and more manageable, and avoid running into performance problems.

This 30 day limit is customizable through the “Delete stats older than” setting in WP Admin > Theme Tools > Listing Stats. This settings page also has other configuration options, such as hiding/showing specific stat categories, and setting the color palette of the user dashboard.

New user dashboard

The user dashboard has been redesigned for a more user friendly experience. All dashboard pages have been tweaked to match this new style.

The “My Listings” page now lists user listings in a grid layout, and more importance has been given to listing actions like Promote, Switch Plan, View Stats, etc.

User Listings Page In Dashboard

Switch plan for listings

The Switch Plan feature has been reworked and is now much more intuitive and easy to use. It has been added as a listing action in User Dashboard > My Listings and it now uses the Package Selection step in the Add Listing page to quickly switch between owned packages, or buy new ones.

Switch Package For Listing

Relisting after a listing has expired is also just as easy now, and uses the exact same process as Switch Plan.

Explore page redesign

The Explore page has received some design changes as well. On desktop devices, the layout remains generally the same. The main difference is a new menu for switching between different listing types.

Explore Page

This listing types menu can optionally be substituted for a dropdown menu, which can be useful for users with a large number of listing types. This can be done in the Elementor settings for the “27 > Explore” widget.

Substantial improvements have been made on the mobile view of the Explore page.

Switching between filters, results, and map view is very intuitive, as they’re now displayed as tabs at the bottom of the page, which is a common pattern for mobile sites and apps.

Explore Page (Mobile View)

We’ve also added a new template for listing preview cards, named “List View”, a compact and simplified template suitable for job listings. It can be enabled in the listing type editor in WP Admin > Listing Types, then Preview Card > Design > Template.

Single listing page redesign

We’ve refreshed the single listing page layout, and introduced some new components, which will make listings more engaging for visitors.

Single Listing Page

Listing Quick Actions

Quick actions are a way to let the user quickly interact with the listing, e.g. calling, getting directions, sending an email, etc. can be done in a single click.

Listing Quick Actions

Quick actions will be shown automatically, depending on the available listing data. You still have full control over which ones appear, and even add custom actions, through the listing type editor.

Within the editor, you can find quick action settings in Single Page > Quick Actions.

Manage Quick Actions In Listing Type Editor

Listing Cover Details

Cover details are the listing details shown in the listing cover, next to the listing title. They replace cover buttons from previous versions of MyListing.

Listing Cover Details (On The Right)

They’re separated into two categories: details that display some information, such as “Price Range” in the example screenshot above, and “Call-to-Actions” which let the user perform an action, e.g. “Call Now”.

To keep the layout clean and elegant, a maximum of 3 cover details can be added.

Cover detail settings are located within the listing type editor, in Single Page > Cover Details.

Manage Cover Details In Listing Type Editor

If you’re migrating from versions 1.x of MyListing, you’ll have to add the old cover buttons either as quick actions or as cover details. You can temporarily set to still show cover buttons, although they’ll be completely removed in future updates.

Similar Listings

Below the listing details, we’ve added a section to display similar listings to the currently active one.

Similar Listings Section In Single Listing Page

You can set how listings are determined to be similar through the settings in Single Page > Similar Listings within the listing type editor. By default, listings that belong to the same listing type and have at least one category in common are considered similar.

Settings For Similar Listings

Other changes to the single listing page

Listing tabs can now be hotlinked by appending the tab id to the url. For example, you can link directly to listing reviews like this “https://link/to/listing#reviews”. The “#reviews” part is the tab identifier, and it can be modified for each tab in the listing type editor.

We’ve also added a new “Grid View” template for the gallery content blocks.

Custom taxonomies

In addition to listing categories, regions, and tags, it’s now possible to create custom taxonomies. This can be done in WP Admin > Listings > Settings > Taxonomies.

Custom Taxonomies

If you’re not familiar with the term taxonomies, it’s basically a way to group items (in our case listings) based on an attribute, e.g. the item region, brand, color variation, etc.

You can think of them as a select or multiselect field. In fact the only difference they have with a select/multiselect field is in the way the data is stored in the database, which is much more flexible and allows for more efficient queries and faster search results.

So, based on that, we recommend you use custom taxonomies as a substitute for select/multiselect fields which you also plan to use in Explore page to filter listings by.

Example use of a custom taxonomy

Let’s say we have a house-renting website. One important attribute that we’d want to categorize listings by would be the home type. For that, we can create a “Home Types” taxonomy, and insert all the possible home types under WP Admin > Listings > Home Types screen.

After we’ve done that, a new “Home Types” field will be available in the listing type editor, which we can use in our “Home” listing type. This field can be shown as a single select, multiselect, or checklist — same options as the categories, regions, and tags fields.

We can then also use this field in the “Search Forms” tab to filter listing by, in the “Single Listing > Content & Tabs” screen to display the selected home-type in the single listing page, etc.

It will also be possible to filter listings by this taxonomy in the “27 > Listing Feed” widget in Elementor.

Typography settings

We’ve added a new “Typography” tab in WP Admin > Theme Tools > Theme Options. This can be used to customize the font size and font weight of various elements throughout the site.

Add Listing form improvements

Main changes here are a cleaner overall layout, a side menu to jump between form sections, and a“Skip preview and submit” button to directly submit the listing after filling all information, alongside the main “Preview” button.

Add Listing Form

We’ve added support for drag&drop reordering of gallery images, added the ability to set default map location on the location field, and optimized term select fields lazy-loading of options.

Other changes

Regions and Tags have been added in Quicksearch results.

Added “Behavior” setting for multiselect & checbkoxes filter; set whether results should be retrieved if all terms are matched, or at least one of them.

Added new header animation effect on scroll, and footer reveal effect.

Added support for custom headers and footers using Elementor Pro.

Check the changelog below for a list of all other changes.

Check out the new demo here

Full Changelog (v2.0)

User dashboard
- New page layout
- Added in-depth listing visit stats
- Visits chart
- Visit and unique visit counts
- Top platforms and devices
- Top browsers
- Top countries
- Top referrers
- Reworked "Switch Plan" and "Relist" features for better user experience
Single listing page redesign
- New listing header layout
- Added "Quick Actions" section
- Added "Cover Details" section
- Added "Similar Listings" section
- Added ability to directly link to a tab within a listing. The tab identifier can be modified in the listing type settings
- Added "Grid View" template for gallery content block
Add Listing form improvements
- Added nav menu to quickly switch form sections
- Added "Skip preview and submit" button to optionally bypass the preview step
- Added drag&drop ordering for listing gallery fields
- Cleaner design to form elements.
- Optimized dropdown performance with lazy-loading for categories, regions, tags, product fiels, related listings, and custom taxonomies
- Added ability to set the default map center on the location field
Explore page redesign
- New mobile layout
- Added "List View" template for listing preview cards
- Added menu for switching between listing types
- Optionally, the listing types can be shown in a dropdown via Elementor settings
- Single term-select dropdowns are shown in hierarchical order
Admin backend
- Added support for custom listing taxonomies
- Added "Typography" section in Theme Options to control text styles around the site
- Added overall listing stats in the admin dashboard
- Improved listing form in the admin backend to be more consistent with the frontend one
- Added "Revisions" section in the listing type editor
- Added ability to filter by listing type in WP Admin > Listings
- Added new default font
- Added Regions and Tags in Quicksearch results
- Improved overall performance (better asset loading, smooth animations)
- Improved RTL support
- Added setting to enable/disable paid listings for individual listing types
- Added footer reveal effect
- Added ability to display listing types using the "27 > Listing Categories" widget in Elementor.
- Added [[:authlogin]] key to retrieve listing author's username in the listing type editor
- Added "Behavior" setting for multiselect & checbkoxes filter; set whether results should be retrieved if all terms are matched, or at least one of them
- Added "Hide if empty" option for Store tabs in single listing page
- "Shortcode" content blocks in single listing page can now run JavaScript and CSS code without any restrictions
- Added new header animation on scroll
- Added header option to show/hide cart
- Added support for Elementor Pro custom headers and footers
- Entering an invalid address in a listing prevents the listing from loading
- Datepicker issues and inconsistencies in the frontend and backend pickers
- Listing type editor error in some sites
- Adding multiple "Product Multiselect" custom fields not working properly
- Listing preview step being blocked by contact form plugins
- Quicksearch results inconsistent to those on Explore page
- Using external images in listings through the backend form breaks the frontend listing edit form
- Elementor regions widget bug in macOS Safari
- Duplicate results on Explore page when ordering by listing rating
- Missing translation strings