MyListing v1.6.5 Update!

Column layout options on single listing page

Other than the usual two-column masonry layout, you can now organize content blocks in single listing page in other ways. This can help display listing information in a more user friendly way.

The layout it tab specific, so you can have a primary tab with a Two-thirds/One-third layout, and another with a full-width, single column layout.

Editing tab layout through the listing type editor
Example of a Two-thirds/One-third layout

Added support for Google and Facebook login

You can optionally enable this feature through WP Admin > Theme Options > Social Login. To integrate Google Sign-In into your website, you must first create a Google Client ID. You can find instructions on how to get one here.

Similarly, you’ll need a Facebook App ID to integrate Facebook Sign-In. You can find instructions on how to create and configure a Facebook App, and obtain the ID here.

Once configured, the social login buttons should appear below the usual Sign-In and Register forms, as seen in the picture below.

User menu can now be managed as a regular WordPress menu

You can create a custom menu in WP Admin > Appearance > Menus, and assign it to the “ Woocommerce Menu” location. You’ll now have full control over what items appear in this menu, as well as an easy way to insert new links.

Listing packages can now be restricted to a single purchase per user

A common request has been to add a way to allow (free) listing packages to only be used once by a user account. This can now be achieved through a new option in the package edit page in WP Admin > Products. The option is named “ Disable repeat purchase?” and it is disabled by default. This option is also available for listing package subscriptions.

Custom classnames, ids, and icons for listing content blocks

These options can be accessed through the listing type editor.

You’ll also notice a neat new icon picker dialog.

Compatibility with Elementor 2.0.9 has been added, alongside other tweaks and bug fixes. See changelog below.

Full Changelog (v1.6.5)

- FEATURE: Added column layout options in single listing page.
- FEATURE: Social login with Google and Facebook is now built-in.
- User dashboard menu can now be managed through Appearance > Menus.
- Listing packages can now be restriced to a single purchase per user. Useful for free/trial packages.
- Added ability to set custom a custom id and classnames for blocks in single listing page.
- Added ability to set a unique icon for content blocks in single listing page.
- Added compatibility with Elementor 2.0.9
- Added additional header and single listing typography options in WP Admin > Theme Options.
- FIX: Promotion keys sometimes not being applied to listings.
- FIX: Incorrect review count being shown on single listing page.
- FIX: When previewing a new listing, then going back to edit data, previously selected tags and region(s) were not being automatically selected.
- FIX: Post categories and post tags url base can now be modified.
- FIX: Event date search filters not working properly.
- FIX: Term lists in Add Listing page now appear in alphabetical order.
- FIX: Listings, listing categories, listing tags, and regions url base now supports non-latin characters.
- FIX: Listing packages with a limit of 1 listing not being hidden after reaching limit.
- FIX: Scroll to top of results on explore page no-map template.
- Minor fixes/improvements (issues in blog-feed widget, filters misbehaving in Explore page, updated ACF version, etc.)
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