MyListing v1.6.6 Update!

New “Connected Accounts” section in user account settings

We’ve extended the social login feature with the ability for users to manage which accounts they’re connected to, through their account settings.

In addition to that, there’s also a new profile picture option, which can be used by site members to set their avatar to the picture in one of their connected networks.

Connected accounts section

The “default” option will not affect the user avatar, so it can be modified by other plugins you may be using on your site, such as BuddyPress.

Revamped Package Selection page

The “Package Selection” page has been modified into a better, more user friendly layout. The main difference is that the paid user packages are now listed under the product they belong to.

New pricing plans page

Added support for subscription packages, through the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension

This integration will let you create “Listing package subscriptions”, which means you can charge users periodically to keep their listings on your site, instead of a one time payment.

Listing expiry date will be tied to the subscription expiry date, and they will be unpublished once the subscription ends. They can also be republished later upon subscription reactivation.

Added support for Elementor Pro custom headers and footers

This will let you replace the theme header and footer sections with custom ones, which can be designed with the pro version of Elementor.

More listing information can be accessed through the bracket syntax

In addition to being able to output listing fields through a Shortcode block, using double brackets, e.g. [[description]], this syntax now also supports other listing data, such as listing id, url, author, posted date, and also information on the logged in user, such as the currently logged in user name and id. This information can be useful for integrating more complex shortcodes.

Bracket syntax documentation

The above information can also be accessed through a link in the listing type editor, which will open the docs in a modal, without leaving the page.

Full Changelog (v1.6.6)

- Fixed multiple issues with listing package subscriptions (available through WooCommerce Subscriptions extension)
- Added 'Connected Accounts' section in User Menu > Account Details, to manage linked Google and Facebook accounts.
- Added support for Elementor PRO custom header/footer templates.
- Added profile picture settings, allowing the user to use one of the connected accounts picture.
- On package selection step, owned package are now displayed in a dropup menu within each product, alongside design improvements to the pricing plans section.
- FIX: Content blocks are now mixed in mobile when using two-columns layout (similar to masonry layout).
- FIX: Compatibility issues with latest WooCommerce version.
- FIX: ReCaptcha not working on single listing page contact forms.
- FIX: Pagination not working properly on related listings tab in single listing page.
- FIX: Issue with review count in single listing page.
- FIX: Maps not properly working on custom tabs in single listing page.
- Included new section in listing type editor, explaining how to use the bracket syntax and listing special keys.
Additionally, new special keys have been added, to retrieve listing author, listing date, and currently logged-in user.