MyListing v1.6 Update!

Structured data for listings is now supported

This will make single listing pages more search engine friendly, by providing information that search engines can use to display rich results, like featured images, listing rating, event dates, etc.

You can configure structured data to best suit your listings. This is done through a new section in the listing type editor. It uses the vocabulary. You can read more on how Google utilizes this data here.

Paid Listings is now built in

We’ve moved away from WooCommerce Paid Listings, since a built in solution will give us more flexibility and control over it, allowing for new features to be added, such as giving users the ability to change listing plans at any time, which has now been implemented.

You can quickly get started with this new feature, by disabling WC Paid Listings plugin, and heading over to Listings > Payment Packages, and migrate old package data to the new format. Video tutorial:

It’s important to backup your site before each update, in case anything goes wrong. Read more on WordPress Backups. Or watch this video tutorial on how to use All-in-One WP Migration plugin to backup your site.

Claim Listings is now built in

You won’t need any 3rd party plugins for Claim Listings feature anymore. This built in feature works in conjunction with the new Paid Listings feature.

To get started with it,

  1. Create a new page, and set it’s contents to “[claim_listing]”.
  2. In Listings > Settings > Pages, set the Claim Listing Page option to the one you just created.
  3. In the listing types you want it to appear in, add a new cover button and set it’s action to “Claim Listing”.
  4. Finally, in WooCommerce > Products, edit your existing listing package(s), or create a new one, and check the “Use for claims” option.

Video tutorial:

Ordering options in Explore page are now customizable

You can create custom ordering options, order by custom fields, add multiple ordering clauses, etc.

This is done through a new section in the listing type editor, located in Search Forms > Listings Order. The previously available options will be used by default, but you can easily change or remove them.

You can now set a default listing logo and cover image

These options have been added in the listing type editor.

Added support for Contact Form 7’s autoresponder feature

To enable it, edit the contact form in WP Admin > Contact, and in the “Mail” tab, scroll to the bottom and enable “Mail (2)”.

A global search form can now be added in the Explore page

Many of you have requested having a global search form in Explore page, that can be used to search and display results of any listing type. This can now be done by creating a new listing type, and checking the “Global listing type” setting.

You can then customize the search form as you would do with any other listing type, in the Search Forms tab.

Added ability to display the author in listing preview card

You can do this by editing the listing type, and in the “Preview Card” tab, add a new footer section of type “Author”.

Full Changelog (v1.6.0)

- FEATURE: Added new structured data (schema) editing tool in the listing type editor.
- FEATURE: Added ability to customize how search results are ordered, based on any custom field.
- FEATURE: Paid listings functionality is now built in, with the ability to switch listing package among other improvements.
- FEATURE: Claim listing functionality is now built in, no 3rd party plugin is required.
- Added new Global listing types, which can be used in Explore page to display a search form that includes results from all other listing types.
- Added ability to display dropdown and checkbox filter options in the same order they've been added in the Fields tab.
- Added new listing-type-specific options for default listing logo and cover image.
- Added ability to show listing owner/author in listing preview card.
- Added support for Contact Form 7's autoresponder feature in listing contact forms.
- Added new ordering option in Listing Feed Elementor widget.
- Added new option in 27 > Map widget to specify how many listings to show.
- Listing social networks can now be added, removed, reordered, modified using the 'mylisting\links-list' filter.
- Localized datepicker strings. Added filters to change date, time formats, and which day is set as the first weekday.
- Added support for comments in page templates.
- Improved SEO performance in single listing pages.
- Improved blog post archive page layout and SEO performance.
- Included default Google Maps skin option.
- Removed duplicate title field in listing backend edit form.
- Fixed issue with datepicker displaying the selected day wrong. Only happened to users in negative timezone offsets.
- Fixed issue with relist packages.
- Fixed issue with listing preview image not being visible on Elementor map section.
- Fixed issue with Countdown content block not accounting for different timezones.
- Fixed issue with Checkboxes filter order and orderby options.
- Fixed issue with the keyword filter not searching on listing description field.
- Fixed issue with "Enable customer registration on the "My account" page" option still displaying the registration form when left unchecked.
- Fixed conflict with Yoast SEO plugin causing duplicate opengraph tags in singe listing pages.
- Fixed missing translation strings.