Flutter Developer Quest Game at Google I/O 2019

Build your team, slay bugs, don’t get fired.

Guido Rosso
May 8 · 3 min read

Today, as part of Google I/O 2019, we’re excited to release Flutter Developer Quest, a game built entirely in Flutter! The game is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. It’s also open source, so feel free to check out all the code on GitHub.

We built and designed the game with Emily Fortuna, Filip Hracek, and Matt Sullivan at Google specifically for the I/O 2019 conference. Brian Egan also contributed to the project and built the Style Sphinx mini-game. The goal was to center Flutter’s talks around a single primary project, with each talk focusing on a specific angle of the project.

Flutter Developer Quest is a simple, screen-based RPG-style game in which you build a team of software engineers making a Flutter app. The game showcases a lot of the newest Flutter features and allows players to learn a little Flutter development along the way. The goal of the game is to hire the right team members, upgrade them, and assign tasks to successfully build and launch your Flutter app while managing your startup’s capital, user growth, and joy.

The game’s animations were built with Flare, which brings to life all the different team members with rich illustrations and mesh deformations. Flare was used throughout the app, not just with the characters. Tab buttons react when you tap on them, game stats (such as joy and users) respond to game events, and character skill icons all animate.

The UI of the game intelligently changes based on the resolution and pixel density it’s running at, which enables the best possible experience on each device. Flutter makes this easy to do, be sure to check out the code for this in GitHub and don’t miss Emily Fortuna’s and Emily Shack’s talk on the subject!

Phone layout
Tablet layout

If you’re at Google I/O, you can try out the game in the Flutter dome in the Sandbox area. Chances are you’ll find us in the area too, so come by and meet some of our team!


News, tips, and insights on our real-time animation tools.

Guido Rosso

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Founder at 2Dimensions


News, tips, and insights on our real-time animation tools.

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