Intended Use of Funds 🚀

How we plan to use the token sale to boost development and adoption

2gether will open the presale of its 2GT Token to the entire eurozone very soon. In this post, we’re excited to share with you our intended use of funds from the presale.


To drive user acquisition and engagement, we’ve planned to allocated more than one third of the funds to marketing. We believe that we need to foster adoption to start kicking out some network effects. Some of the marketing initiatives will include referral programs, in-house events (like hackathons, investors meetings, etc.) and digital advertising.

Employee costs

2gether has a seasoned team with a proven track record in management, banking, and technology, providing a strong guarantee of effective management and drive to meet 2gether’s strategic vision and business plans. As a result, we plan to allocate almost one quarter of the funds to employee costs and salaries.

Given the nature of the project, we want to keep expanding the team, and the majority of this budget will be spent employing talented back-end developers and marketing specialists.

Technology costs

Our main priority is to build a fantastic app without any bugs, and for that, having the best technology providers is a necessity. Most of these costs will come from the Ethereum blockchain and from Amazon Web Services.

In addition, we will hire external auditors to ensure the security and scalability of the platform.

SG&A (exc. Marketing)

Around 4% of our budget will be allocated to cover general and administrative expenses such as office rental and office supplies.

Transactional costs

We plan to allocate 13% of the funds to cover transactional costs. These include costs coming from the users’ everyday banking activities (transfers, payments, etc.).

Customer support

Finally, we want our users to have a seamless experience using 2gether. That’s why around 2% of the funds will be set aside for customer support.

More info 👇

We’ve posted the Whitepaper and the Tokenomics documents on our web, where you can find more information about 2gether, the 2GT Token, and the presale.

We’ll also post more articles in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, check us out on Coindesk, follow us on Twitter and join our community! 💥