Introducing the 2gether Ambassadors!

Claudia | 2gether
Nov 13, 2019 · 3 min read

The 2gether Ambassadors are a group of people who believe in the financial revolution and want to spread the word about the future of finance. They are a source of information and advice via social media to anyone interested in new financial models!

The Ambassadors and 2gether collaborate to make sure that the 2gether Community stays up to date with the crypto world and the latest news regarding finance, FinTech and technology, and with 2gether’s Referral Program, our Ambassadors get 2GT for each user that joins 2gether through them!

Here you have all of our Ambassadors and their social media links. Check them out!


Rodri is a Spanish crypto fan who loves reviewing crypto-related products, commenting on the latest crypto news, trading crypto and sharing his knowledge with his community. He regularly posts fun and informative content on FunOnTheRide, his YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe!

Website | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Referral code: rodrigoa8218

Tiziano Tridico

If you’re looking for Italian figures to follow who talk about crypto, finance, and news, here’s Tiziano! His YouTube channel is filled with interesting and informative content, he uploads regularly, and he’s been 100% crypto since 2017. On top of that, Tiziano is the co-founder of Koinsquare, an Italian initiative to help people discover and use the blockchain.

YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Koinsquare | Referral code: tizianot3943

Darragh Rogan

Darragh is a YouTuber that likes to review personal finance products, and he was one of our first Ambassadors! He’s Irish and lives in Finland, and has uploaded a lot of interesting product review videos to his channel. If you’re on the fence about a product, check his channel out!

YouTube | Blog | Twitter


Jorge is an expert product reviewer! He loves technology and discovering and reviewing new gadgets, app updates, and devices. He’s a Spanish YouTuber who always likes to share the latest news and his reviews, so keep him in mind to stay up to date with the tech world!

YouTube | Twitter


Hibay is a Spanish expert in helping people obtain money easily through the Internet: he’s been doing exactly that for more than 12 years! If you’re looking for a way to get some extra cash or want to know if there’s a referral program or discount for a certain product, he’s your guy. His blog and YouTube channel are full of interesting information!

Website | YouTube | Twitter


CryptoFrench is a crypto fan that has been working with 2gether (and other companies such as Parachute) for a while as a Community Manager. He’s from the Netherlands and always happy to offer advice to anyone who asks!

Twitter | Discord: Crypto French#1809


Amebapako is a Spanish crypto fan who likes mining crypto and trading as a hobby and has been interested in crypto for a few years now. He believes in 2gether’s potential and loves the project, so he invests a lot of time helping the project grow.


You will be able to see our Ambassadors on the 2gether official channels and we will keep updating this list every time a new Ambassador joins the team. Stay tuned!


2gether is a platform that aims to replace the traditional banking structure, it is based on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

Claudia | 2gether

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2gether is a platform that aims to replace the traditional banking structure, it is based on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

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