Stronger 2gether — The Ambassador Program rewards your valuable help

François | 2gether
Aug 1, 2019 · 3 min read

Your help is valuable to us and should be rewarded. That is why we now allow our Founder community to spread awareness about 2gether and be rewarded for it through our Ambassador Program 🎉 on Discord.

Why an Ambassador Program

It is important in a collaborative platform to give tools to our members to allow them to be part of the growth of 2gether. That is where the Ambassador Program fits in, in the spirit of the “Stronger 2gether campaign”.

It is a way to share the good news and development together and to propel our content to potential Founders in an exponential way.

We want to keep offering the best advantages and rewards to our community because Founders play the most important role in the future of 2gether. You are the essence of 2gether!

🔨How it works

The Ambassador Program works through a custom made Discord Ambassador Bot. The Ambassador Bot regularly scans through our social media channels and picks up your meaningful posts and replies, and rewards them accordingly. Every week, you will be tipped 2GT tokens on Discord that you will be able to move into the app once the ICO starts. This ecosystem creates a collaborative environment where any awareness you generate is rewarded. You help us, and we reward you.

To get started you will need to be signed up on 2gether, own a Discord profile and at least one of the following profiles: Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Bitcointalk.

💰 What’s in it for you?

  • A quick, flexible, and easy way to earn 2GT
  • Up to 100€ per month in 2GT for posting about 2gether and sharing our content
  • A way to be involved with our marketing team
  • Gain valuable skills ranging from communication to creativity and experience that you might not get elsewhere
  • A way to meet new people who have similar interests as you. Every person is a new connection that can be added to your network!
  • Ownership over your contribution to the shared success of 2GT and the entire 2gether ecosystem
Rewards will be given every Sunday around midnight

Since we launched the program over 500€ of 2GT tokens have been rewarded, and everyday there are airdrops and events to earn extra 2GT!

The more you post about 2gether, the more points and rewards you get. Check out the rules here.

🙋 How can I become an Ambassador?

Join our Discord channel and follow the process under “How_to_start” in the ambassador section on the left, the program is fully run by our Bot. The minimum requirements to participate includes:

  • The email used to register in the 2gether app
  • Have at least one account on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Bitcointalk
Check out our video for a smooth onboarding

💡 Ideas for getting the most out of the Ambassador Program

Implementing a good strategy in the ambassador program is a quick but very worthwhile effort as it can produce significant returns over time.

Here are some ideas to implement your ambassador program strategy and earn a lot of 2GT:

  • Create a Whatsapp group with people you think might be interested in 2gether: friends, former schoolmates, co-workers… Share (your) posts about 2gether and have them share it around and return the favour! 😊
  • Click on the notification bell on our social media pages to receive instant notifications when we release great new content
  • Share your experience with 2gether and the reasons that led you to become a Founder and share it on relevant social media, including our Discord server
  • And finally, do you know forums or communities interested in crypto or collaborative models? Share your posts and earn 2GT


2gether is a platform that aims to replace the traditional banking structure, it is based on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

François | 2gether

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2gether is a platform that aims to replace the traditional banking structure, it is based on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

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