The technological solution to the banking industries problem.

What has drawn you towards the Fintech industry?

Throughout my career I have primarily been focused on tech innovation. The last eight years has specifically been focused on developments that have potential to create a large impact on the standard banking environment. This is why I was initially attracted to the disruptive force of the crypto world and its potential application in the Fintech sector.

How do you see the future of banking progressing?

The world is going through a paradigm shift that is revolutionizing the financial sector. This transformation is not directly caused by cryptocurrencies, which are set to keep gaining importance, but it is rather caused by the traditional business models that have become increasingly obsolete and no longer appeal directly to users.

Users today are much more demanding. They want to have full control over their accounts, data sharing, spending, and saving. In addition, they want to have the job done all in one click. This is an opportunity that traditional banks are not addressing, and something we are looking towards at 2gether to solve.

Why does 2gether represent that future?

2gether makes it possible for users to create their own rules. This, in turn, allows them to create their own economic models. If you consider that the future will not only feature FIAT currencies, but also crypto and real assets such as fuel, electricity and food, 2gether offers users an environment that unites all these aspects and allows them to personalize their accounts.

Why is the banking industry ripe for disruption?

There is a conflict of interest in the heart of the industry. Traditional banking runs on a profit driven model which is largely not compatible with the pursuit of better customer experience. The models that prioritize user experience over short-term profit maximization will be the ones who will become leaders in the future.

What do you feel are the most important aspects of 2gether?

2gether integrates the crypto world in the users’ daily economic life without requiring them to be a tech expert, applies artificial intelligence to guide them in decision making, gives them advice tailored to their particular needs, and uses predictive algorithms to anticipate the user’s future financing and investment requirements. With 2gether, the model truly is built to address the user.

How does your background enable you to contribute to 2gether?

I have devoted the last few years to the management of technical projects. One thing I am particularly good at is managing teams and encouraging people to give their best in a complex environment. In addition, my experience in the design of architecture, business intelligence and big data solutions, along with my knowledge of blockchain, allows me to design solutions tailored to each specific case and to define functionalities that have not been created yet.

What is it you enjoy about programming?

I enjoy understanding the tools and combining them in creative ways in order to make them more efficient. Additionally, I enjoy contemplating challenging cases and making them real. Right now, I barely have time to be creative but whenever I can, I try not to let my imagination fade.

What is your role in the 2gether team?

I manage the technical team, find solutions to complex problems and support decision-making processes at all levels.

What do you do outside of 2gether?

I am a manager at BI Geek. Just like in 2Gether, I consider the firm to be a part of who I am and that is why I do everything in my power to make it grow and evolve.

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