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2key Conversion Tracking & Validation

The 2key web3.0 core architecture generates a new micro-economy around each campaign smart contract. This is facilitated by the ARC (Activation Referral Contract) token — a new token distribution minted in dynamic balance for each campaign, and maintained in dynamic balance for each referrer -allowing to continuously optimise the topology of the referral graph as each campaign is being played out. The ARC tokens act as the means of referral, as well as the means of conversion. The balance of a specific campaign’s ARCs one has determines this participant’s allocation for inviting others to join/fulfill the campaign. Holding ARC tokens for a 2key campaign in your wallet only means you have the right to either fulfill this campaign’s required result, or refer this campaign onwards. As both referrer and converter, a participant is eligible for rewards and reputation for being proactive towards delivering the campaign’s target results.

The Beauty Of Multi-Step Tracking

Web2.0 Bridge Architecture

2key Campaign Moderators

Decentralised Systems *Might* Require Moderation *At Times*

Referer Validation and Converter Validation

Information Campaigns:

Lead Generation Campaigns:

Acquisition Campaigns:

Content Campaigns :

Install Campaigns:

HR Campaigns:



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